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is it time to talk about your mental health?

Find out why staying on top of your game means you need to look after your mental health and why it's as important as

turning up to training, and eating well .

it's ok not to be ok

In order to help people with their struggles, we know that opening up and talking things through is crucial - and often very difficult thing to do for so many of us.

I Hear You has been created as a safe platform to support this process.


We offer varying services and tailor our support to your personality. We appreciate it’s not also easy to talk about how we feel, and we are that place to come to, to be heard and understood.


We help people to be strengthened in mind, so they can find value in themselves outside their sports performance, whilst also following their dreams and achieving their sporting goals. 

meet liam joyce


liam joyce

Liam Joyce, 33 from Colchester, is a mental health counsellor, now specialising in counselling footballers. As well as a counsellor Liam is a manager at Stanway Rovers Football Club. Football has been a huge, important part of his life – he lives and breathes football. Liam has also experienced hard times from a young age which in turn have affected his mental health.  He tragically losing his mother at 12 years old.  

Liam wears his heart on his sleeve and wants to use his experience to offer a lifeline to others.  His personality is down-to-earth, sensitive and nurturing – this beautiful combination compels people to instantly trust him and feel comfortable in opening up.